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I am a saint, I suffered badly and nobody shoud suffered is the desire

"My important years of life are wasted as far as my financial growth is concerned and my religious social activities are concerned. Almost all government authorities and judiciary people put me into business losses of about 5000 Crore Rupees and which is also a loss to whole humanity as my dream projects of meditation resorts suffered badly. I couldn’t fulfil the dream of my master Osho, Father and mother as it was planned. I am sharing my thoughts in thousands of friends through social media."

Care & Responsibility Comes Out Of Love
And Love for all is Humanity

Why this website is developed?

I (Mr. Sudhir R Pungaliya from Pune, India ) am Master of Laws by experience and business person Since 1970, Civil Engineer since 1973, Writer, Publisher, Master of Meditation, Follower of Osho since 1965, Land developer since last 30 years and suffered all kind of heavy losses because of my really religious nature and our improper laws and systems. As per my vision & personal experience the present laws and systems of implementation of laws are harmful to whole humanity and A great change is needed. So, to make the people aware of the laws and to save their valuable time of life and money from complicated law systems this website is developed.

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    mothers love

    My Mother was born in 1931 at vani District Nashik, Maharashtra, India. When she was born, that time about 100 cows had given birth to calves. She was educated and very intelligent housewife, She supported my father in his religious activity whole heartedly and because of her dedication my father was able to devote his life Osho's work. She loved us and taken care with total responsibility. Every mother loves her child and she gives guidelines to the child time to time for his/her safety. She gives instructions continuously for safe and better growth of her child. When her child did not listen to her then she gives some strict rules so that the child should understand what the discipline is and whatever she is doing is not for her selfishness but for the better development of her child. So personaly I know how my mother loved me and how she has given her valuable moments of life for my responsible, religious and meditative growth. My mother died in 1998 after my father’s death in 1996.


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